About O'LaLa

O’LaLa Empanadas was established to share with the world our mom’s delicious recipes, while also paying tribute to our world’s cultural infusion. The name “O’LaLa” serves multiple purposes: On the one hand, it’s a play on the phrase “oh là là,” which is an interjection our customers often use when they’re enjoying our delicious meals. More importantly, since our mom’s nickname is LaLa, it reminds us to remain true to her recipes. Throughout our menu, you’ll notice references to abuela and abuelo, which shows our commitment to family.

In addition, we’re committed to providing our community an affordable dining experience and a variety of interesting food choices, which include over fifteen different empanadas. When our parents and grandparents migrated from Puerto Rico to Jersey City, they were welcomed with open arms by the place they’ve learned to call home. Born and raised in Jersey City, we are committed to giving back to our city. We’re thrilled to share with everyone not only our Puerto Rican culture, but also our history—the history of Latin America, one of cultural infusion.

And for that reason, many of our meals represent both the diversity of Jersey City and the fusion of world cultures. A prime example is one of our most popular meals, the Arroz Chaufa—a Chinese/Peruvian fusion stirred fried rice. This meal reminds us of Peru’s rich history, particularly when the country experienced an influx of Chinese immigrants. Regardless what meal one chooses, we always serve top quality food that is cooked-to-order and made with love.